Vendors FAQ

1. What does the insurance need to cover? Insurance must cover your goods/services, as well as any and all people who are selling for you.

2. Does everyone in my vending tent need to be insured? All the vendors need to be insured. If you have friends helping you sell your wares, you have to speak to your insurance agent to ensure they are covered for your goods or services. (We are a lot of things, but we are not insurance agents!)

3. Can you cut me some slack? I don’t have home-owner or tenant insurance. Sorry, dude. You must have insurance to vend at KG. (Yes, Auz wrote that part).We cannot risk KG insurance because our vendors do not.

4. Do I need to provide a copy of my policy? Your insurance carrier and policy number is required. Several vendors do bring it with them though, just in case.

 Setting up
1. I am not pre-registered. Am I guaranteed a spot? Only pre-paid registrants are guaranteed a spot.

2. I am planning on arriving on Wednesday. Will I be charged a vending set up? The vending set-up charge is only for pre-KG days. There is no extra charge for vending once KG starts.

3. How does the numbering system work? That is mainly for the Saturday morning. If there are ten pre-paid, pre-registered vendors on-site Saturday, they will be assigned their spot in order according to number, but they must still be on-site. Vendors are arriving all day Saturday – if you are not there at the beginning of set up and five of you arrive at the same time, back to numbers! (Think of the standard deli counter system.)

4. I am planning on arriving Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Can I guarantee a space if I am pre-paid? No, but we have not had any issues with spaces so far, although Friday fills up quickly. But every year more vendors are coming.

1. Do I need to pre-register to vend? You can show up on site without pre-registering, but you will still have to fill out the same paperwork. You MUST have your insurance information with you, if you want to vend.

2. What are the benefits of pre-registering? There are many benefits for you.
a. We will be able to have an idea of how many vendors are coming. If enough vendors have pre-paid and pre-registered to warrant opening the fourth row, we will do so. (We are not planning on opening the fourth row unless there is enough pre-paid vendors so if not enough, then we will be having camping behind that row, so it won’t be available.)
b. You will also save time at registration. Hooray!
c. You won’t accidently forget your insurance information. (That would suck!)
d. If there are several vendors arriving at the same time, you are streamlined and numbered!

Note: If you pre-paid, your vendor registration is also numbered. Hence, once on-site, there is no need to rock/paper/scissors, mud wrestle (or line up) Saturday morning. You still need to be there, but you can sit with a coffee and chat while Gus and Aniya scratch their heads, measure stuff and do math. The same is true post-10 a.m. Saturday.

1. How much will it be for me to be there from Saturday/ Sunday, etc.? In the months leading up to KG, doing your math that is on the web makes MA twitch and mutter under her breath. To reduce the twitching, MA is kindly providing you with the information here again!
Prices include:
$15 – pre-KG day for you
$15 – per personal tent set up pre-KG
$15 – vendors’ hydro
$150 – KG

2. Can I pay for KG later in the week, after I make some money? Sorry, no. You must be paid in full for pre-KG days and KG before you set up.

3. I want hydro for only a few days, not the whole week? Can I do that? In theory, yes. In practice, unlikely. Hydro spots go quickly, and we do not hold them. First come, first serve. Inquire at Registration.

4. I want hydro for KG only, but not before. Can I do that? In theory, yes. In practice, unlikely. Hydro spots go quickly, and we do not hold them. First come, first serve. Inquire at Registration.

5. I am leading a workshop at KG. Can I do it at my booth? Generally no. You and attendees would be more comfortable at a workshop space, and it won’t bother other vendor and shoppers. Exceptions can be made for certain set-ups but you need to talk to MA about that.

6. I want to donate something for the auction? Who do I talk to about that? There is a large, labelled bin at Registration. Thank you so much!