Vending Set-Up
(this applies mostly for Kaleidoscope Gathering,
but for other events substitute KG for that events name)

1. You are permitted to come to Raven’s Knoll for set up prior to the festival. The official set up for vending begins on the Saturday morning before the festival officially starts at 10 a.m. (ish). There will be much discussion, pointing, moustache-stroking, measuring and Tetris-like math that is done before the setting up begins, so please be patient. Your pre-paid, pre-registered form is numbered so there is no need to panic!

2. Vendors must be paid in full for pre-KG days and KG itself prior to setting up. All required documentation (insurance and set up info) must be received before setting up. You can do this in advance, to speed up your registration.

3. Vendors will be given a numbered authorization form from Registration when they arrive. This will be given to the Aniya, who will assign you a space, depending on your size requirements and availability.

4. If you come before KG starts on Wednesday, vendors will be charged a pre- / post- festival camping charge on a per day basis for each 10 x 10 frontage (or thereabouts) tent that is set up. The fee is $15/day (including HST).

5. To facilitate a smooth set up and aid our vendor friends, it is understood that some vendors will set up their vending tent early but not stay on site. You will only be charged as noted above for your vending set-up. However, should you wish to set up personal tents, you will be charged on a per-tent/per-day basis for that, whether or not you are on-site. All personal and vending tents will be tagged. The fee is $15/day (including HST).

6. Pre-registration is NOT required but it is recommended to give us an idea of the space required. You can register without pre-paying but it will not guarantee you a space. Note: Some folks send their vending tent up with a friend to set up. As long as the vending and registration form is completed and everything is paid in advance, this is not an issue, and would ensure you a space on Diagon Alley, if that is your preference.

7. A vendor who has pre-registered and pre-paid, they are guaranteed a spot – but not a specific spot, location or side of the road (such as on Diagon Alley or beside so-and-so). It can be difficult to insert tents between those already set up. There may be exceptions: those with smaller set-ups that can be inserted in those odd spaces with trees/bushes, etc. that make it impossible for regular sized tents may be reserved a space.

8. Vendors who want to camp behind their set up need to be on-site early. These will not be held and there will be half as many of these spots available this year, as last, since we are opening a third row. Note: if there is a need for a fourth row, as determined by pre-paid vendor applications, there will not be any camping behind vending.

9. Likewise, if a vendor really wants hydro (i.e. electricity), we recommend an early arrival. We cannot guarantee you a hydro accessible site, although we will try to accommodate requests. (Requests for hydro were greater than expected last year, and many came in at the last minute.)

10. Spaces will be allotted by the Magical Carnies. Please keep in mind that they are balancing space, hydro needs, math, the need for clear walk-ways on either side of Diagaon Alley, strange smells, their own vending set ups, etc., so please be patient! We got a lot of positive feedback for the medieval market feel of the vending area last year. Empty spaces and closed booths discourage shoppers and make the Gods of commerce cry. In response to customers and vendors alike, vendors who have historically not been open full time for the majority of the festival will be assigned a location on Shakedown or Tortuga (not Diagon Alley). If you plan to be open only occasionally, talk to the Aniya.