Many Faces of Raven’s Knoll

Raven’s Knoll was founded in 2009 to be a permanent home for Kaleidoscope Gathering . However it has since grown to be the home of many wonderful and diverse gatherings and has grown new shrines, buildings, paths, and camping areas.

Over the years new areas like the shrine trail have been opened up and developed.  The Bread Oven, Raven Stage, and YAG have all been built or significantly upgraded since the Knoll was founded.  New shrines are also added yearly, like the New Stag King and Huntress shrines, the Nemeton, and Bardic Shrine.  All of these updates can only happen with the help of amazing volunteers.

Over the years Raven’s Knoll has hosted:

Work Weekends 
Raven’s Knoll is a home for the Pagan community.  It is a dream that is manifest through the effort of volunteers.  Anyone is welcome at a work weekend, no matter their skill level or ability – we are a kaleidoscope.  The important thing is that everyone carries with them a positive attitude and makes an effort to contribute, for creating a home is a spiritual devotion.

At work weekends we undertake various jobs, from maintenance of the grounds, bicycle fleet or buildings, to land stewardship of the fields, forests and beach, to special projects like earth ovens or chariot making, to creative activities like painting or sprucing up sacred sites.  All accommodation is by camping, with no fee attached to any camping by volunteers.  If there are family members or friends who want to camp with a volunteer for the weekend that is encouraged.  They merely pay the regular camping rates at the Knoll.

Well and Tree
What is Well & Tree Gathering? Of Earth, of Well…of Birch, of Bog…the interconnection between ourselves and the Earth Mother. Come together to celebrate in this open-to-any, Land-Water centered gathering to pay tribute to the impending planting season, the fertility of life and field, and to participate in the annual Procession of Her Holy Mother Nerthus. ( From )

Well and Tree has been the first yearly event at Raven’s Knoll for the last several years and has a great tie in with Kornukopia Gathering ( the last yearly event ).  This event occurs on the May long weekend.

The Witches’ Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll
At the Witches’ Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll, we hold the belief that if you give folks the chance to dig in, get their hands dirty and try something new (or very old), they will rise to the challenge. Or purpose is clear: to go out into the woods, to dance with the spirits, to please the gods, to honour our ancestors.

Held on the last weekend in May, this intensive weekend (casually known as “WS”) consists of rituals, discussions, workshops, a potluck and stone soup feast, and much more. Together we build a relationship with the land, the gods, the spirits, and the ancestors. We create a stang for the main ritual, tell stories, walk moonlit trails, hang out around the fire pit, and most importantly: learn, share and grow as witches. There are many hands-on learning opportunities, so expect to be tired by the end of weekend! ( from )

The Witches’ Sabbat has been building and adding to Raven’s Knoll through the addition of Stangs to the Spiral each year.

Three Rivers Festival
Three Rivers Festival is the annual Canada East Regional Gathering for Ár nDraíocht Féin, and everyone is welcome! Join us at Raven’s Knoll in June for four days of worship and fellowship at our Annual Gathering.

The Three Rivers Festival have been building and adding to the Nemeton.  In the Nemeton they are adding Shrines.

Hail and Horn Gathering
Hail and Horn is an annual gathering organized by Canadian Heathens to express in fullness our ancient religious custom. The gathering is anchored by three intertwined rituals – blót, húsel and symbel – and a deep reverence for the Gods

Each year Hail and Horn works on and adds to the Æsir Ve, where they place a new God pole.  This event is a growing community event.

While Anticifest did not start out as a real yearly event it has grown to be a yearly event with hundreds of people.  Each year people show up the week before Kaleidoscope Gathering and socialize while they wait for KG to start.  The event has even started to grow some of its own programming, like the rock hounding expedition, movie nights, gaming nights, tours of Raven’s Knoll, and more.

Kaleidoscope Gathering
KG is what you make it! Seriously: workshops are put on by members of the community. With few exceptions, workshops and rituals are open to everyone. (There are men-only, women-only and third-gender rituals, and there may be age limits on some workshops). In addition to workshops and rituals, there are musical acts in the evenings, children’s programming, special events, swimming, nightly drumming and dancing, hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. And more….

Kaleidoscope Gathering is Canada’s largest Pagan festival.  Hosted at Raven’s Knoll for more than half a decade.  The festival occurs on the long week in August.

Pagan’s Unplugged
Unplug from the TV. Unplug from the phone. Unplug from the computer. Unplug from the commute. … and … Enjoy a laid back long weekend with friends, family, nature, and your own fine self at Raven’s Knoll.

“Pagans Unplugged” is Raven’s Knoll’s annual laid-back weekend. There will be no programming and no hassles at this non-event event. The people that drift in and plunk themselves down for the weekend guide the flow of whatever happens. We are all our own pilots on this here river of life, eh. Where are you going? … Swimming? Playing horseshoes? Lying in a hammock with a book? Listening to the trees? Sitting around a campfire with a guitar, a djembe, a song and some marshmallows? Chatting about philosophy or mythology with friends? Stargazing? …

Pagan’s Unplugged occurs on the Labour Day long weekend in September.

KornuKopia Gathering ( KKG )

KKG is a gathering for Pagans to celebrate the last bounty of the Summer and the Turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall, honouring the Gods with mirth and reverence.

Occuring in the middle of September this is the last yearly event at Raven’s Knoll.  In a new tradition part of the wicker man from KKG is brought forth to Well and Tree in the next spring.