This FAQ will be updated regularly so check back with us! However, if you cannot find the information you are looking for, or if you still have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact Austin Lawrence or Maryanne Pearce at ravensknoll@rogers.com. Emails will be responded to within 48 hours.

What is the vision of Raven’s Knoll?
The Raven’s Knoll land is fundamentally a natural campground environment catering to events which demand an ambiance rooted in a mixture of Pagan, medieval, ancient Celtic, Norse and Indigenous influences. Raven’s Knoll is primarily the permanent land base for the Kaleidoscope Gathering. Raven’s Knoll also provides a rental venue for other small and large events such as music and other festivals, retreats, powwows, weddings and family reunions.

Where is Raven’s Knoll located?
Raven’s Knoll is 105 acres of fields, forest, wetland and campground. There is 1,000 feet of gorgeous beach on the Bonnechere River, between Golden Lake and Wilber Lake. The site is located just outside of beautiful Eaganville in the Bonnechere Valley. Raven’s Knoll is minutes from all the amenities of town and the spectacular Bonnechere Caves.

Are there any cabins available?
Yes. There is a guest cottage with a master bedroom, loft sleeping area, front room, kitchen and bathroom. It can be rented by the night, weekend or week but may not be available for all venues. Pets are allowed in the cabin as long as everyone renting the cabin is in agreement. Contact us at ravensknoll@rogers.com for availability.

Can I reserve a camping spot?
It depends on the event.

Do you have seasonal camping?
Yes, we do have seasonal camping for trailers and tents. There is a $2 plus HST daily storage fee for having your trailer on-site, and then you pay for regular camping rates. (We do not charge additional fees for un-serviced trailers). However, as some events are closed to the public, you must pay to attend that event to camp during those scheduled events. Please contact us for more information.

Do you allow pets?
Yes, we do. There are some special events where we do not allow pets (except service or assistant animals) on site. However, during other events, private camping or general Pagan camping events, yes, your pets are very welcome. We follow the Yellow Dog Program in which only green or yellow dogs are allowed – no aggressive dogs. Dogs which prefer not to be approached by strangers or other dogs should wear a yellow ribbon. This is often the case of older, sick, rescue or anxious dogs.

Please be advised, however, that you must have your animals under your control at all times. The site is off of Highway 60 and our neighbours have a horse farm – you are responsible for your pet at all times, including any damages. They are also welcome at the beach, in the Rookery, cabin, trailers – pretty much anywhere as long as they are under your direct control. As we have pets as well, we do want to have a fenced area eventually. Please ensure your pets do not interfere with the enjoyment of others at Raven’s Knoll or our neighbours. Of course, you must pick up your pets’ waste.

Do you allow smoking?
All our indoor facilities are non-smoking, including cabins. There is also no smoking in the children’s area. Remember to use the butt cans.

Do you serve alcohol?
Raven’s Knoll does not sell alcohol. Guests may bring their own alcohol.
Click here for directions to the nearest LCBO and Beer Store.

Is there food available for purchase on-site?
Yes, we have Ye Aulde Grubbe (The YAG) chip truck. It is not always open, but usually is in operation during the larger events. So feel free to check with us should you have any questions.

Can I cook meals at my camping site?
Yes, using a BBQ, propane stove or existing camp fire. There are water hook ups at several places on-site to gather water for drinking and cooking.

How can I get involved more with Raven’s Knoll?
There are many ways to become involved! You can volunteer in a number of ways: big or small, it is appreciated. Raven’s Knoll has a number of areas that you may be interested in: construction, Sacred Sites, Standing Stones, landscaping, maintenance and more.

For more information, please contact Maryanne or Austin at ravensknoll@rogers.com.

What kinds of facilities are available on-site?
There is a comfort station which has a men’s and women’s section. There are two pay showers in each section, as well as flush toilets (two in each side). There is also pay laundry facilities in the comfort station. The bathrooms have electricity, sinks, and mirrors.

Is there boating and fishing on the Bonnechere River?
Yes! There is even good fishing right off the wharf, if you do not have a boat. Feel free to fish anywhere on the river people are not swimming, so long as you follow Ontario fishing regulations.

I have musical instruments. Can I bring them to Raven’s Knoll?
It depends on the event; but for regular camping times, yes, by all means do! We encourage all of our guests to bring their non-amplified instruments. An exception to this rule will be made in the case of our invited musical guests, who may play amplified music. But please be considerate of your camping neighbours (and our neighbours).

What should I bring?
Of course, it depends on the event, but for a start, click here to see the camping checklist.

What kind of things are there to do in the area?
There are many different things to do in the Eganville area. There is a local cave attraction, the Bonnechere Caves, local restaurants, funky gifts shops, a neighbouring riding stable, and many other local businesses.

How do I make a payment for renting Raven’s Knoll?
We accept certified cheques and money orders payable to “Raven’s Knoll”. Interac via bank transfer (e-transfer) can be arranged in advance. Of course, cash is always welcome as well. We do not accept Paypal, Interac or credit cards.

How can I contact Raven’s Knoll?
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