SLAPS 2013
Austin Lawrence, April 2013

Siling Labuyo Arnis Proficiency Seminar (SLAPS) – May 24 to 26, 2013

Raven’s Knoll is lucky to host, for the second year, SLAPS.  This event is an intensive Siling Labuyo Arnis (SLA) training seminar.  Come to experience this amazing Filipino martial arts.  Hands on instruction will be provided covering single stick, knife, staff and spear, as well as empty hands techniques.  There will be test cutting with live blades, and the ever-popular dirty tricks workshop.
The main instructor for the event is Badger Jones.  For the last 30 years, Badger has spent every free moment of his time in martial arts training.  And when he hasn’t been training, he’s been teaching it, reading about it, thinking about it … If you think he’s a little obsessed, you’d be right.

This Filipino martial art, Siling Labuyo Arnis (SLA), is named after the hottest chili pepper of the Philippines – and like the pepper, it adds a lot of excitement to one’s life, but it’s dangerous to approach it recklessly.  SLA is modern hybrid method based in the Filipino martial arts.  It was developed to counteract a trend of increasingly fancy technique in these arts, rather than the practical, simple, and unadorned fighting methods of the past.

The event is open to all skill levels (from rank beginner to advanced).  People trained in any other martial arts style (or no style) are welcome.  The cost is $80 (or $50 for SLA students). The costs covers camping and all training for the weekend. Contact “Badger Jones” on Facebook or Young Forest Club to register.

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