Shrine Trail: Development and Plan
Austin Lawrence, June 2015

The Shrine Trail is a forest pathway that will run along the Northeastern border of Raven’s Knoll. It will stretch from the Jötunn Ve all the way to the Æsir Ve, passing through forest, over bridges, and alongside a wetland marsh. (Assistance is required to execute on this plan, please see Gypsy Birch at Work Weekends to help out.)

Phase One

Phase One entails the basic physical creation of the trail. This includes marking the desired route, raking back detritus, removing undergrowth, and the construction of bridges over the swales and ditches. All bridges will be designed to accommodate the space required for two pedestrians to cross, and to withstand the minimum weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. This is to meet the demands of supporting the small utility vehicles that may be required to pass through the trail, as well as power wheel chairs. While the trail will be designed to be suitable for pedestrian traffic, utility vehicles will provide significant assistance in transporting the materials required to construct the later phases of the trail as well as assist in creating the shrines.

Route marked
Detritus raked
Undergrowth removed
Bridges installed

Additionally, once Phase One is complete, dedicants will be allowed to begin constructing their approved shrines. However, the locations for these shrines must be within the portion of the trail that has been finished within the span of Phase One’s requirements. This span will most likely be within the Southernmost half of the Shrine Trail.

Shrine theme
Desired location
Traditions and taboos/codes of conduct
Required materials
Construction timeframe
Designated and potential caretakers

To submit a request to build a shrine to the Stewards, please consult with others in your interest community and return this form to

Phase One estimated completion date: July 2015

Phase Two

Phase Two is intended to involve the general completion of the trail from the second bridge all the way North to the Æsir Ve. The trail will be widened to accommodate small utility vehicles as well as two side-by-side pedestrians.

Second section of trail widened
Some shrines started and/or completed
Phase Two estimated completion date: September 2015

Phase Three

Phase Three is the final phase in the construction of the Shine Trail. It is expected that the entirety of the trail will have been widened to accommodate utility vehicles, all bridges will have been installed, and multiple shrines will have been completed.

Entirety of trail widened for utility vehicles
Drainage ditch formed
Culvert installed
Path raised in Northern section
Phase Three estimated completion date: October

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