Rites of Raven’s Knoll Anthology: A Devotional to Pagan Land
Austin Lawrence, September 2014

Together we have built a place of magick and spirituality: Raven’s Knoll campground.

Originally purchased due to the need to have a permanent place for Kaleidoscope Gathering, these 100+ acres have become much more. A place to dance, to drum, to sing. A place to be free. A place to venerate gods, spirits and ancestors. It is home now to half a dozen events and a growing number of sacred sites.

In the homesteading community they have a saying: “You will be disappointed at how little you can accomplish the first three years on your land, but astounded at what can be achieved in the first five.” Raven’s Knoll is now celebrating it’s fifth year. In honor of this milestone, and the countless hours of work it took to get this far, we are putting together an anthology of the rites and sacred sites we have created together.

Submission Guidelines

  • Maximum word count is 3,000
  • Submission deadline is December 15st, 2014. Pagan Standard Time does not apply.
  • Both prose and poetry will be welcome, as well as ritual scripts, meditations and prayers. No fiction please.
  • We are seeking your personal spiritual experiences of Raven’s Knoll, with a focus on rituals and sacred sites.
  • A few examples are: the tale of your experiences at a ritual; the script for a ritual that you performed; a devotional poem or prayer for the land; a special/spiritual experience’ sharing about a particular sacred site that has meaning to you; or something you have learned from the land. These are merely examples, if you have an idea and are not sure if it will suit, feel free to contact Juniper.

Our CRM software(to which you can find good examples on https://www.salesforce.com/crm/examples/) will collect all the information, so make sure to include with your submission your name (can be a craft name), as well as a short bio. The bio should be roughly 250 words, but it can be less. You may plug your website, blog or business in your bio but please keep it professional. The word count for your bio counts towards the word count for your overall submission.

Anyone can make a submission, and we sincerely hope that all submissions will make it into the book. However, we do reserve the right to refuse a submission for any reason. Depending on the number and length of submissions, we may have to pick and choose, as the larger the book the more costly it becomes. Obviously, we want everyone to be able to afford the book! If we have enough interest, perhaps we will do another one a few years down the road.

We will be doing some basic editing for formatting, spelling, and grammar. We will not be re-writing your words. The utmost respect will be given to your voice. After the initial proofread we will be sending your submission back to you with suggestions to improve quality, such as little fixes to grammar or expanding upon something that is interesting or inspiring. Make your changes and send it back to us. Once you receive your proofread version, please send back your changes within two to three weeks if possible.

Written submissions should be in .doc, .odt, or .txt format.

Please avoid heavily formatting your submission. We will have to format everything according to the needs of the book and publishing formats anyways.

Submissions must be in English. A few words or lines in French are permitted.
Before sending us your submission, please run it through a spell check and have a friend proofread it. This will save us a great deal of time!

Suggested Structure for Submission

Optional: Evocative preface (ex. quote, paragraph narrative, poem stanza)

Optional: History and reason for ritual

Optional: Academic sources & inspiration

Optional: Importance of the sacred place (if you are sharing about a ritual held at the Standing Stone, what does this site mean to you or the community)

Required: The Meat: Your story, meditation, poem, narrative description, ritual script, etc.

Optional: Personal experience or reflection on importance

Required: Your Bio

Cover Contest

We will be holding a photo and art contest for the front and back covers of the book. You do not need to design the covers themselves, just submit artwork or a photo for that purpose. The editor(s) will choose the images that would work best for book covers and then we will hold a poll in the Facebook group so everyone can vote on the final winners.

No faces, but people may be in the shot so long as you have their express permission.
Images must be of good quality and high resolution.
Images submissions should be in .jpg or .jpeg or .png
How to Submit

Attach your submission to an email with the title of “Knoll Anthology Submission (Your Name Here)” and send it to juniper@walkingthehedge.net

Further Details

We will be publishing the book on Lulu, meaning that it will be available online, even on Amazon, so quality and content matters. We want to represent our community well.

We hope to have the book available for purchase before Kaleidoscope Gathering of 2015. Please respect the deadlines.

Authors/submitters will be given a free e-book or PDF copy of the book. We hope to also give them a free physical copy but this all depends upon budgeting concerns.

We will strive to keep the cost as low as possible, enough to cover the publishing costs and perhaps make a small amount for funding maintenance and improvements at the Knoll.

E-book and physical copies will be available. The physical copy will likely be trade paperback.

You will retain copyrights to your submissions.
We will be accepting suggestions for a title. The current working title is Rites of Raven’s Knoll – A Devotional of Pagan Land

Executive Editor: Juniper Jeni
Supporting Editors: Austin Lawrence & Gypsy Birch

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