Portals: Theme for the Kaleidoscope Gathering 2016
Austin Lawrence, August 2015

The theme for the Kaleidoscope Gathering in 2016 is “Portals.” Portals are liminal gates; some found and some created. They can be talismans, places, or intentions. They exist within us and without, as doorways to access that which is Other, beyond, or far within. Come prepared to find, create, and pass through “Portals” at the KG 2016.

Holy Places, Arches of Intention
A grove deep in the woods, a shrine with idols of the gods;
where cross the mighty and shining ones.

Upon a far hill, the ancient stone circle;
drawing through to the other side for generation upon generation.

In the spiral, at meeting of heart and grove;
stand the stangs, hung with bones that bring Spirits together again.

Archetypes of Transformation, Metaphors of Entry
In the dark and dank ship’s hull, pitching on the waves;
seen through the port-hole the bright blue sea and the promise of land beyond.

Deep below the cerebellum, a chunk of ancient grey flesh;
dazzling bright as rainbow nirvana, pineal gland to burst the mind.

Starting children’s stories, held true for adults;
wardrobes, rabbit holes, chalk drawings, police call boxes, books, and yellow brick roads.

Gates Manifest in the Mind’s Eye
Upon the desk a grimoire, a candle, and a darkened glass;
scrying the other side of our eye’s view.

Nothing but a cardboard carapace and a planchette;
still bringing those that answer “yes,” “no” or “good bye.”

Rising serpent within, lead through the body gates;
from base to crown, exploding inwards with a power beyond.

Poetry of Objects, Opening Amulets
An heirloom cameo from a great-grandmother;
worn it recalls the smell of the dinner’s prepared and a warm embrace.

The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water:
Pentacle, return we to the Quintessense, entrance to the Divine.

Sigil upon the neck, hanging at the drip line of word and thought;
carrying an emanation, bound.

Inscribing Sacred Spaces, Doorways to Spirit
The besoms sweep the sacred circle ‘round;
moonlight upon the dew-dropped grass, chants of the Goddess upon the lips.

A packed earth floor has corn-flour sigils drawn upon it;
calling forth the spirits by rum and by drum.

Standing in the circle of salt, concentrating upon the chalked triangle;
upon the vapours of the smoke, beings are called.

Entrance to the Super-natural, Ingress of the Sublime
A perfect ring of fungi, sprung where the fairies danced;
cross your fingers three times or taste the musical lights.

Falling into where all are born, musky aureole of ecstasy;
new life is born, new knowledge formed, as old as She.

Deep wells, cold and clear, ringed with witch tree and billowing cloth;
bubbling up before people knew to look below the surface of their reflections.


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