Austin Lawrence, February 2014

Presented by Jackie Treehorn, the Achievers, the Lost Dominion Screening Collective, and Rev. Auz of the Church of the Latter Day Dude

Brothers and sisters! We have heard the Word, and it is “Abide.”

The Raven’s Knoll congregation of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude are holding a tent revival to learn from, and apply, the teachings of the Dude. This fest is a camp out where we commune with the wisdom of the movie the Big Lebowski on the weekend of August 9 and 10, 2014.

The weekend will include:

Suitcase Toss
Adventures begin in the simplest ways. Ours, like that of our Prophet, start with a simple tossing of a suitcase filled with undergarments.

Eurotrash Nihilist Bowling and/or Cowboy Bowling
Even if there are no lanes, a Dude can still bowl. Never quit the tournament. It is by struggle with our foes and interactions with our inner narrator that we learn what is truly possible. Tournament regulations will be enforced by Jesus, Rev. Døøð, and Rev. Doug.

Time to Abide
There is only abide.

Costume Contest
Get dressed up like a character or concept from the movie. The person with the best costume will receive two prizes: the acclaim of the Achievers AND a saintly bottle from whence the sacred draught may be mixed. (This event sponsored courtesy of Rev. Dood B. Here.)

Woodland Rug Arranging
A place is a home when you have a rug to really tie things together. Priests of Lebowski, Rev. Døøð and Rev. Brynn, will take Achievers into the woods to arrange rugs, to come to an understanding that all of the world can be the home of a dude. (Take some photos for the insurance company, that you forget to pay premiums to.)

Green Pedicures
Toe nails should be green. Hedonism demands it. Join Rev. Dood B. Here and Rev. Brynn to get prettied up like Bunny. Preparations to feed the monkey, that go nowhere … so Dude.

Contemplation of Whale Songs and the Dude De Ching
There is no sweeter sound in all existence than the song of whales. Where there is abiding, there is Dude; but Walter only exists because of Dude, and Dude only exists because of Walter. Whales are the the opposite of the Eagles, man. Join Rev. Auz to listen to the songs of the humpbacked whale while meditating on readings from the second sacred text of Dudeism, The Dude De Ching.

Ordination in the Church of the Latter Day Dude
Rev. Døøð, Arch-Deacon of Swedish Log Bowling, has been granted the authority to ordain Achievers as priests and priestesses of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude!  You too can be an officiant in the slowest-growing religion in the world. “An ancient philosophy that preaches non-preachiness, practices as little as possible, and above all, uh…lost my train of thought there. Anyway, if you’d like to find peace on earth and goodwill, man, Rev. Døøð will help you get started.”  Oh, and you get an official certificate of ordination.

Sacramental White Russian Mixology & Tasting
Praise the mixing of the opposites – opaque and clear, hot coffee and cold ice, white and black, stimulant and depressant. The White Russian is the sacramental drink of Dudeism. Priests of the Church of the Latter Day Dude, Rev. Dood B. Here and Rev. Doug, will hold service to demonstrate how to make coffee liqueur from scratch and how to mix the perfect White Russian or closely related beverage. (Bring your own ingredients.)

Concert of Dude Music
There will be a musical presentation by a live band. Rev. Wolfsong and Rev. Earthsong of the Church of the Latter Day Dudes will be playing Creedence Clearwater Revival covers and some other tunes that inspired the first draft of the Port Huron Statement. There will definitely be no Eagles played (or Lynard Skynard).

Screening of the movie “The Big Lebowski”
The secrets reside within. The layers of meaning go as deep as your understanding in this movie. Only through abiding at the screening will it be revealed. Thank you to Jackie Treehorn and the Lost Dominion Screening Collective for arranging to show the movie.

Beach Bonfire
There are dunes of sand, dude. There will be a bonfire. Feel free to amble by for the party.

Blanket Toss
What is unbridled joy? Being flung into the heavens on a blanket held by your brothers and sisters.

Nihilist Stargazing
The stars are harsh teachers. Seemingly happy and twinkling they are actually light that comes from exploding collections of matter that died billions of years before our world was even created. You are just a tiny speck in all that existence, that existence that ends without hearing your thoughts or recognizing your efforts. Join Rev. Zau the Nihilist for a reading of existentialist philosophy while contemplating futility and nothingness in the vastness of the starry sky.

Scattering of the Cremains
At the end of the adventure, there is being with friends and remembering the good times. Our closing ceremony, as taught by the example of our Prophet, will end with memories shared around the scattering of cremains.
In honour of the Big Lebowski, the Raven’s Knoll food truck, the YAG, will feature a special menu, including: Lingonberry waffles; Nihilist waffles; In-und-Aus burger; Pig in the blanket; Ralph’s coffee; and Roasted peanuts.
The cost of the weekend will be regular Raven’s Knoll camping rates, as well as a likely request for a $15 donation (depending on how many people attend) to cover expenses.

The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers request people bring non-perishable food donations for the Eganville Food Bank.

[End Note: Fest: A gathering for celebration; a spiritual meeting. – Camp: Ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical; living for a bit in the woods. – Lebowski: The lead character of the most important movie ever made; a dude, who abides.]

Please feel free to use the following images to ‘poster’ regarding the event. Spread the word, Dudes!




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