KornuKopia Gathering 2016
Austin Lawrence, September 2016

The KornuKopia Gathering is a festival for Pagans, Heathens and their friends to celebrate the last bounty of the Summer and the Turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall, honouring the Gods in mirth and reverence. This is the sixth time this Harvest celebration will be taking place. The festival features the ceremonial burning of a massive sculpted offering, to honour the harvests of the year and give thanks for blessings already on their way. This year it takes place September 16th to 18th.

Cost (including taxes) to attend is $75 per adult for the weekend, $30 per child (7-15), and sproglings are free (6 and under). A day pass for adults is $50 and for children is $20. Hydro is an optional extra, for an added $13 per night.

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The gathering this year is centred upon the Burning and on the communal thanksgiving potluck Feast of the Folk.

Friday, September 16
All day registration and camp set up.

6:00pm – 7pm: YAG open

8:30pm: Welcoming Ritual (at Standing Stone) — Auz & M.A.
Join Auz & M.A. for this short ecumenical Pagan ritual to start off a magickal weekend to celebrate the season of harvest.

9:00pm: Chat, Sing, Socialize (at Hearth Fire) — with the folk
A glowing hearth-fire draws us back to a time when entertainment was drawn from the circle around us, from heart-to-heart conversations, from wisdom and stories shared, from the skill and magick that lived in the souls of our fellow tribespeople. Feel free to share with those around you, and bring an instrument, if you play!

9:00pm: “Pants On Fire” (at Hearth Fire) — JD Hobbes
Normally, Bards always tell the truth, but not this time! Not only will we find out who can tell the best lie, but they will also need to defend themselves! The audience will be invited to grill the Liars with questions. Prizes! Glory! Pants will be aflame!

10:30pm: Unleashing The Wild: Artemis Ritual (at Huntress Shrine) — Jade & Alli (The Huntress)
Sisters of the Hunt come in many forms, abilities, experiences, and backgrounds. We will call to Artemis to unleash the wild within us and to honour Her in her sacred grove. During the 2016 Trials of Artemis, a sacred Huntress Shrine was built to honour the Divine Huntress. Under the light of the Full Moon, we will call to the animals of Her wilds — Deer, Hawk, Wolf, and Bear — to teach us lessons, and to give the Divine Huntress offerings. This is a women’s only ritual including women of all backgrounds, experiences, and abilities.

10:30pm: Looking Within, Through Each Others Eyes (at Standing Stone) — Zack (The Stag King)
At harvest we reap what we have sown. This rite between men of The Village will be a place to bare ourselves, to share in brotherhood, and sit together while we share the year’s harvested wisdom. We will honour the sacred feminine and masculine, and celebrate the union of the two primal forces of the living earth’s union and the bounty it brings forth. Each would-be participant is asked to bring with him an item upon which he can swear oaths, whatever that item might be, and if they wish, an offering to Freyr.

Saturday, September 17
All throughout the day, take some time with The King or the Man, make personal offerings, and reflect on the passing of the season.

Until 3:00pm, you can drop off your Blue Ribbon entries at The Rookery in the container provided. Make sure your entries are labelled with the recipe name and YOUR name!!

8:00am: Fishing The Bonnechere (meet at the beach) — Gypsy
Come fish with Gypsy on the Bonnechere River as we attempt to respectfully harvest local animals for the Feast Of The Folk. Gypsy knows this river well, and can teach anyone how to angle. Some gear is available to borrow, so complete newcomers are welcome.

NOTE: It is recommended to obtain a fishing license. Day Licenses can be obtained online and at various retail locations (most Canadian Tire stores). General practice, including equipment usage, techniques, and strategies can still be taught to those who do not wish to physically take part.

9:00am — 10:00am: YAG open

10:00am: Keeping A Powerful Talking Circle (at The Rookery) — Genevieve
Have you ever felt frustrated or disappointed by a Talking Circle? Did the energy drag? Were you bored? Did someone hog the space or show disrespect? Come and explore what makes a Talking Circle safe, meaningful, and empowering. Genevieve Way is a long time Circle keeper. She will facilitate a discussion of Circle practices informed by Paganism, indigenous teachings, and restorative justice. You will have the opportunity to share your wisdom, learn from others, and try out Circle keeping practices within the Talking Circle.

11:00am: Hands-on Jam Making (at YAG) — Auz & Wynter
What says “Fall” more than making jam?! At this hands-on workshop, join Auz & Tim as we make a mixed berry jam and a sweet & spicy mango chutney. Both water-bath and pressure canning will be demonstrated. Also, you get to take jam home with you!

NOTE: Estimated materials fee of $5 or $10, depending on how much jam you take away with you!!

12:00pm: Archery Games (at Raven Field) — Gypsy
Archery is a fun activity. It is even more fun if you are shooting at one another! Gypsy has crafted a number of sets of full contact archery equipment for Raven’s Knoll. A number of different games will be tested out and tried.

NOTE: In case of rain, this will be transformed into board games in the Rookery.

1:00pm: Getting Started In Drumming (at The Forge) — TomyHawK
Rhythm is within all of us, as a basic universal language that everyone understands, allowing dialogue among us at the most basic creative level. Rhythm is a natural aspect of the human experience. It is our heartbeat, it’s in our walk, our eating and sleeping patterns; the inhale/exhale of our breathing, the changing of the seasons, as well as the day and the night. Drumming gives us a chance to express our own individual rhythm. Learn to connect with your drum, drum as a group, and most importantly, raise your vibration. Bring a drum with you and join in on the fun.

2:00pm: The Bear In Paleolithic Spirituality (at The Rookery) — Æsc
Excavation and study of Paleolithic sites across Europe reveal hints that bears may have been held in special reverence by humans of that age. We will examine bear-related findings, from figurines to cave paintings, and discuss what significance they might have had to our ancestors.

3:00pm: Blue Ribbon Judging (at Raven Stage) — Melissa & friends
A tradition of our grandmothers has long been to lay away the fruits of the land and our labours away in the Fall for the lean times of the Winter. Make your favourite preserve, jam, pickle or food fermentation, and share it with others at our KornuKopian table. The most appreciated will win the blue ribbon … and their choice of one of three cookbooks donated by Raven’s Knoll!

4:00pm: Prepare For The Feast (at Mead Hall tents) — with the folk
Gather your pot luck items, dress in your finery, and prepare your place at the feasting table!!

5:00pm: Feast Of The Folk & Wake (at Mead Hall tents) — with the folk
For millennia, the main form of spiritual communion of our ancestors has been the sharing of a meal. At the Feast of the Folk we share a meal with one another, with the ancestors, and the gods, in honour of the Fall season and all it brings. Please bring an item to share at this potluck feast, as well as your own ‘feast gear’ (dishes, cutlery, etc.). Our sacrifice, ‘The King,’ will join us at dinner as our guest. Please feel free to prepare a toast, ode, song, offering, what-have-you, for him; since this will also be his wake before we burn him at the main ritual.

8:30pm: “The Burning” — Main Ritual (at Main Drumming Fire) — Auz, M.A., Gypsy
We celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall; as the leaves turn their colours, as the sky darkens to night, as the Summer licks the vaults of heaven as a final flame. Each year, at the KornuKopia Gathering, our main ritual has featured the ceremonial burning of a communal offering. This year we sacrifice ‘The King’ who will carry our personal offerings to the Gods through the ‘The Man.’ This year, again, we burn … we burn … we burn … for we give thanks for blessings already on their way.

9:30pm: Drum, Dance, Celebrate (at Main Drumming Fire) — with the folk
This is like “Chat, Sing, and Socialize,” except louder and with more drumming. Remember to bring you drums!!

11:00pm: Techniques Of Mimicry & Ecstasy (at The Spiral) — Juni
To be held in The Spiral after dark! We will discuss, and try out, how to utilize mimicry for the purpose of trance, shapeshifting, and spirit possession. Please bring an offering for the Animal stang in The Spiral, and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty in!

NOTE: Meet at the entrance to the Spiral

Sunday, September 18

10:00am – 11:00am: YAG open for drink service ONLY
The YAG will be open to serve drinks, including wakefulness potions. People are encouraged to bring their leftovers from the Feast to share.

11:00am: Beekeeping 101 (at The Rookery) — Nicole
By the time we are finished with this workshop you will want to be a keeper of bees, or at the very least, a protector of the pollinators. You will understand how the collective operates and that the collection of honey is just one part of the cycle of how bees interact with us, the environment and each other.

12:00pm: Shrine Tour (meet at Standing Stone) — Auz
The Knoll is home to many sacred spaces. Join Auz on this tractor and walking tour to learn about many of them; what they represent, how to interact with them, what they mean to people. We will attempt to visit the Standing Stone, Rainbow Tree, Gnome Home, Birch Grove, Jotunn Vé, Aesir Vé, The Spiral, and Sacred Well, within the time allotted.

1:00pm: Multicultural Tribalism (at The Rookery) — Erik
In today’s multi-cultural society it can be difficult to envision what the ancient world understood as “The Tribe”. We have come to accept certain notions of what we believe the elder world understood to be “Tribe” from sources that sought to make a clear distinction between “what was” and “what is”. Through this workshop, we will come to have a clearer picture of ancient society and bow they lived much of the same difficulties integrating and negotiating smaller groups into larger coalitions as we do today. Aspects of altruism and mutual gains bargaining will be touched upon to demonstrate that tribes are stronger when their constituent building blocks benefit from a distinct richness and diversity. It is hoped that through these examples we can highlight a way forward for modern Pagans in their quest for Tribe.

2:00pm: Wood Carving Circle (at Standing Stone) — Drew
B.Y.O.P. … bring your own project!! Or just grab a stick — plenty of those around — and maybe a drink. Sit down with others, create, and discuss winter projects.

3:00pm: Wind In Your Sails — Farewell Ritual (at Standing Stone) — Auz & M.A.
All things come to an end, but endings lead to beginnings. This will be a short ecumenical Pagan ritual to say goodbye to our gathering for another year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vend?
Yes, and there is no extra charge. See the Raven’s Knoll vendors’ page for more information, basically the same rules apply. The most important thing to know is that you need proof of insurance.

Can I bring my pet?
It is possible, but only so long as it is pre-approved by Maryanne Pearce. Contact her early to find out.

Why is the KornuKopia Gathering so amazing?
Three reasons: 1) Because awesome people attend; 2) Because we burn large sculptures; 3) Because we get to celebrate the Harvest season together as a community at Raven’s Knoll.

How long is a day pass?
A day pass is for 12 hours, but does not include an overnight stay or the setting up of a tent, trailer or similar temporary accommodation.

Will the YAG be open?
Yes. For some limited late breakfast and dinner hours. Please see the schedule above.

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