KornuKopia Gathering 2015
Austin Lawrence, August 2015

The KornuKopia Gathering is a festival for Pagans, Heathens and their friends to celebrate the last bounty of the Summer and the Turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall, honouring the Gods in mirth and reverence. This is the fifth time this Harvest celebration will be taking place. The festival features the ceremonial burning of a massive sculpted offering, to honour the harvests of the year and give thanks for blessings already on their way. This year it takes place September 18 to 20.

Cost (including taxes) to attend is $75 per adult for the weekend, $30 per child (7-15), and sproglings are free (6 and under). A day pass for adults is $50 and for children is $20. Hydro is an optional extra, for an added $12 per night. To make your registration happen faster, please print out and complete the KornuKopia Registration Form 2015.

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The gathering this year is centered upon the Burning of the Man and on the communal thanksgiving potluck Feast of the Folk. If you would like to offer a workshop, please write Auz or Gypsy to make arrangements.


Archery Games (with Gypsy) – Archery is a fun activity. It is even more fun if you are shooting at one another! Gypsy has crafted a number of sets of full contact archery equipment for Raven’s Knoll. A number of different games will be tested out and tried. (In case of rain, this will be transformed into board games in the Rookery.)

Astragalus Dice Oracles (with Auz) – From the Ancient Levant to Ancient Greece to the Mongol steppes, the “knucklebones” of sheep, their astragalus, have been used both as games of chance and to determine the will of the gods. Like the dice that they evolved into, they fall in unique ways. At this introdcutory workshop, divination methods and games using astragalus will be introduced, discussed and experimented with. (Please bring your own set of astragalus, if you have them.)

“The Burning” (Main Ritual) (with MA, Auz, Gypsy, the Folk) – We celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall; as the leaves turn their colours, as the sky darkens to nigh, as the Summer licks the vaults of heaven as a final flame. Each year at the KornuKopia Gathering our main ritual has featured the ceremonial burning of a communal offering. This year we sacrifice ‘The Man’ who will carry our personal offerings to the Gods on the rising flame of his funeral pyre. This year, again, we burn … we burn … we burn … for we give thanks for blessings already on their way.

‘Blue Ribbon’ Table (with Melissa and Friends) – A tradition of our grandmothers has long been to lay away the fruits of the land and our labours away in the Fall for the lean times of the Winter. Make your favourite preserve, jam, pickle or food fermentation, and share it with others at our KornuKopian table. The most appreciated will win the blue ribbon!

Celtic Nematon Rite (with Sheena MacIsaac and Friends) – This will be an Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) Druid-style ritual for the Autumn Equinox. This rite in the holy enclosure dedicated to the Celtic gods will honour the fruiting Mother and celebrating the second harvest. Please bring an offering representing the fruits of your personal harvest this year whether literal or symbolic.

Chat, Sing, and Socialize (with the Folk) – A glowing hearth-fire draws us back to a time when entertainment was drawn from the circle around us, from heart-to-heart conversations, from wisdom and stories shared, from the skill and magick that lived in the souls of our fellow tribespeople. Feel free to share with those around you. Feel free to bring an instrument, if you play.

Dice Games (with Auz) – The tumble and dance of the bones, the dice of fate, is a staccato tune that voices a message; a message in which we can see our fortunes rise or fall. The dance of these bones can foretell or change our future, but we cannot. Our “roll” is merely to accept it. At this event come and play bone and dice games, to test and try your luck. Games like tali, liar’s dice, and bunco will be taught and played.

Drum, Dance, and Celebrate (with the Folk) – This is like “Chat, Sing, and Socialize,” except louder and with more drumming. Remember to bring you drums!

Earth Oven Baking (with Auz and friends) – The earth oven is the most ancient method of baking loaves, the sacred bread of our Neolithic ancestors. This basic foodstuff has nourished body and soul for millennia. At this workshop create various types of flatbreads and fire them in the Raven-decorated mud oven. Get your hands messy!

Feast of the Folk & Wake (with the Folk) – For millennium the main form of spiritual communion of our ancestors has been the sharing of a meal. At the Feast of the Folk we end the KornuKopia Gathering by sharing a meal with one another, with the ancestors, and the gods, in honour of the Fall season and all it brings. Please bring an item to share at this potluck feast, as well as your own ‘feast gear’ (dishes, cutlery, etc.). Our sacrifice, ‘The Man,’ will join us at dinner as our guest. Please feel free to prepare a toast, ode, song, offering, what-have-you, for him; since this will also be his wake before we burn him at the main ritual.

Fire Performance (with The Fire Liberation Front) – Born from the fiery laboratory of the subterranean circus scene, the Fire Liberation Front is poised to set our minds ablaze with a dazzling, incendiary spectacle. Their performance will celebrate the burning of the Man; fusing together fire spinning, whip cracking, juggling, contortion, acrobatics, belly-dancing, and death-defying stunts …

Fishing: Harvest the River (with Gypsy) – Come fish with Gypsy on the Bonnechere River as we attempt to respectfully harvest local animals for the Feast of the Folk. Gypsy knows this river well and can teach anyone how to angle. Some gear is available to borrow, so complete newcomers are welcome.

Hunting Ethics (with Angela) – Fall is a season of harvest, of both plant and animal. An ethical hunter can play a valuable role by thinning the herds to prevent starvation over the winter, or helping track the spread of dangerous diseases. An unethical hunter can cause serious damage to animal populations and habitats. Join us for a discussion on how to harvest meat safely and responsibly.

Kubb and/or Horseshoes (with Shane, Gypsy, and Friends) – An early medieval Swedish game of tossing chunks of wood? If you have never played experts from Kubb Canada will teach you. It is a fun, easy game for all ages. A late medieval English game of flinging horseshoes? Either way you get to toss stuff in a relaxed atmosphere while sipping the beverage of your choice.

Naalbinding (with Brenda and Shane) – Naalbinding is basically Viking knitting. Two needle knitting is actually an innovation that only spread to Europe in the late Middle Ages from the Islamic world; before this knotted clothing fibre craft was done with one needle. At this workshop learn a bit about the technique and try it out; including the infamous “Oslo Stich.”

Proto-Germanic Weapon Dancing (with Erik Lacharity) – [possible workshop; description to follow]

Welcome Ritual (with Auz and MA) – This will be a short ecumenical Pagan ritual to start off a magickal weekend to celebrate the season of harvest.

Wind in Your Sails [Farewell Ritual] (with Auz and MA) – All things come to an end, but endings lead to beginnings. This will be a short ecumenical Pagan ritual to say goodbye to our gathering for another year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vend?
Yes, and there is no extra charge. See the Kaleidoscope Gathering vendors’ page for more information, basically the same rules apply. The most important thing to know is that you need proof of insurance.

Can I bring my pet?
It is possible, but only so long as it is preapproved by Maryanne Pearce. Contact her early to find out.

Why is the KornuKopia Gathering so amazing?
Three reasons: 1) Because awesome people attend; 2) Because we burn large sculptures; 3) Because we get to celebrate the Harvest season together as a community at Raven’s Knoll.

How long is a day pass?
A day pass is for 12 hours, but does not include an overnight stay or the setting up of a tent, trailer or similar temporary accommodation.

Will the YAG be open?
Yes. For some limited late breakfast and dinner hours. Please see the schedule above.

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