KornuKopia Gathering 2014
Austin Lawrence, August 2014

The KornuKopia Gathering is a festival for Pagans, Heathens and their friends to celebrate the last bounty of the Summer and the Turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall, honouring the Gods in mirth and reverence. This is the fifth time this Harvest celebration will be taking place. The festival features the ceremonial burning of a massive sculpted offering, to honour the harvests of the year and give thanks for blessings already on their way.  This year it takes place September 19 to 21.

Cost (including taxes) to attend is $75 per adult for the weekend, $30 per child (7-15), and sproglings are free (6 and under). A day pass for adults is $30 and for children is $15. Hydro is an optional extra, for an added $12 per night. Cabin accommodation is available for an extra $15 per night, but should be booked early, as space is limited. To make your registration happen faster, please print out and complete the KornuKopia 2014 Registration Form..

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The gathering this year is centred upon the Burning of the Wickerman and on the communal thanksgiving potluck Feast of the Folk.  If you would like to offer a workshop, please write to see Auz or MA on the weekend and we will add it to the program.

Workshop and Ritual Descriptions

“The Burning” (Main Ritual) (with MA, Auz, Jock MacGregor, the Folk)
We celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year into Fall; as the leaves turn their colours, as the sky darkens to nigh, as the Summer licks the vaults of heaven as a final flame. Each year at the KornuKopia Gathering our main ritual has featured the ceremonial burning of a communal offering; last year was the first time we offered the Wickerman.  The folk put personal offerings into the wicker effigy as thanks for blessings already on their way, to express the gratitude of each individual personal harvest. And our designated Champion speaks to the Goddess on behalf of the Folk at the ritual. This year, again, we burn … we burn … we burn … for we give thanks for blessings already on their way.

Bows and Axes (with Gypsy Birch and Friends)
Depending on the weather, we will have a scheduled time to shoot arrows and fling axes. Feel free to attend if you are a beginner with no equipment or an expert with your own equipment. We can show you how! (There is a material fee of $5 should you loose or brake an arrow.)

‘Blue Ribbon’ Table (with Auz, Brenda and Chris)
A tradition of our grandmothers has long been to lay away the fruits of the land and our labours away in the Fall for the lean times of the Winter.  Make your favourite preserve, jam, pickle or food fermentation, and share it with others at our KornuKopian table. The most appreciated will win the blue ribbon!

Earth Oven Baking (with Auz and friends)
The earth oven is the most ancient method of baking loaves, the sacred bread of our Neolithic ancestors.  This basic foodstuff has nourished body and soul for millennia.  At this multi-stage workshop, we will mix and ferment dough and fire it in the Raven-decorated mud oven.  Get your hands messy!

Folk Feast (with the Folk)
For millennium the main form of spiritual communion of our ancestors has been the sharing of a meal. At the Feast of the Folk we end the KornuKopia Gathering by sharing a meal with one another, with the ancestors, and the gods, in honour of the Fall season and all it brings. Please bring an item to share at this potluck feast, as well as your own ‘feast gear’ (dishes, cutlery, etc.).

Leather Crafting for Beginners (with Alli)
This workshop will explain different types of leather with which to craft, their characteristics and what they are usually used to produce.  Information on how to spot a good hide when buying for a project, how to use leather and lay out projects will be presented.  There will be a chance to try out tooling and sewing of leather.  (If you have your own set of tools, feel free to bring them.  A free information packet will be available for the first 10 people.)

Fishing: Harvest the River (with Gypsy)
Come fish with Gypsy on the Bonnechere River as we attempt to respectfully harvest local animals for the Feast of the Folk. Gypsy knows this river well and can teach anyone how to angle. Some gear is available to borrow, so complete newcomers are welcome.

The Land is Listening: Working with Land Spirits (with Angela Grey)
Many different Pagan paths emphasize the importance of developing a relationship with local landscapes. But why is this important? How does one go about it? And how can this kind of work deepen and strengthen your personal practice? Join us for one witch’s perspective on working with landscapes, and the spirits that reside within them. Discussion to follow.

Thresholds and Borderlands (with Juniper)
In many traditions and cultures we find various beliefs about that which lies between this world and next. We call this by many names, the Veil and the Hedge are but two. There are also rich folk traditions of the places between found on this here earth; sea and sky meet, between the wild and our own backdoor. Join us as we explore the places that are neither here nor there.

Mind’s Eye Walk (with Drew Thomson)
Come and join me and go explore some of the much beloved places of the Knoll in a whole new way. Mediation followed by a short walk to a few places where you can test, explore, experience the Knoll without the use of sight, only relying on touch, hearing and maybe even taste. A chance to further your own awareness of the energy around you and how you can interact with it with different senses. Then after, if time allowing, a short reading from the Oracle Deck will be done to see what more can be learned after the experience. Note: Blindfolds will be used if you are more comfortable bringing your own. please feel free.

Seasonal Alchemy (with Brynn Hultquist)
What do sulphur, mercury and salt have in common? They are the three essentials in Alchemy. Come explore this ancient esoteric art referencing spagyrics (plant alchemy), spirituality and the Cosmos for the purposes of ritual spellwork, physical healing and spiritual growth. We’ll discuss basic spagyric tinctures and the nature of “solve et coagula”…and it’s relation to “the burning of things!”…and the ritualistic uses of spagyric products. Of interest will be discussion on *intent* for the purpose of obtaining and experiencing the Whole as a sum of its Parts (aka, enlightenment, healing and increased vitality, creativity’n’stuff…and the “Why”).

Kombat Kyusho (with Gregory) – Kyusho Jitsu is the martial arts application of the eastern Asian medicine system. Kyusho Jitsu uses body mechanics, the theory of chi, and energy meridians to attack and disable an opponent’s nervous system, no matter their size. This workshop is suitable for participants over age 14 and will not involve strenuous contact.

The Power of Pie (with Big Momma and Little D.)
The harvest season is upon us. The changing leaves, the fresh crispness to the air and farmers fields bursting at the seams with delicious FOOD! leaves. For Jax harvest foods include so many recipes, but none as humble as The Pie. In this demonstration we will be putting together, from scratch, four different seasonal pies using Canadian settler recipes from 1850-1917. So come on out and learn to grind the flour, prep your fillings, and love the lard!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I vend?
Yes, and there is no extra charge. See the Kaleidoscope Gathering vendors’ page for more information, basically the same rules apply. The most important thing to know is that you need proof of insurance.
 Can I bring my pet?
It is possible, but only so long as it is preapproved by Maryanne Pearce. Contact her early to find out.
 Why is the KornuKopia Gathering so amazing?
Three reasons: 1) Because awesome people attend; 2) Because we burn large sculptures; 3) Because we get to celebrate the Harvest season together as a community at Raven’s Knoll.
How long is a day pass?
A day pass is for 12 hours, but does not include an overnight stay or the setting up of a tent, trailer or similar temporary accommodation.
Will the YAG be open?
Yes.  For some limited late breakfast and dinner hours.  Please see the schedule above.


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