Feast of Sekhmet: Keeper of the Light
Austin Lawrence, April 2014

Keeper of the Light, Milady Sekhmet bring us into your protection and let us avoid your destruction!

Welcome to the Feast of Sekhmet an annual festival for the satiation of the Goddess Sekhmet. We come together in her honour. This year we recognize her name Keeper of the Light. The one who brings light into our lives and fire into the darkness. We will also honour her father Ra, Sun god of the Black Land of Egypt. Together we will honour Sekhmet and Ra, may their light guide us.

Registration Fee: $50 CAD for adults, $20 for 7 to 17 year olds with advance registration before June 1st, 2014. $60 CAD for adults, $30 for 7 to 17 year olds at the event. Under 7 year olds are free. (Extra fees for those who want cabin space or electricity)

To register or for more information e-mail: feastofsekhmet@gmail.com

Check out the Facebook event for ongoing updates or the blog site for similar (but more) information.


FRIDAY JUNE 13th, 2014

Evening: Opening Ceremony
The people of the many tribes gather in reverence. It is a time of meeting and exchange. Together we will be cleansed by the sacred waters, and breathe together the Ka, the breath of life within each of us as we prepare for a weekend of joyous revelry, worship and, offering to the Keeper of the Light.

8 p.m.: Storytelling & Performances
Come and partake in stories of the Neterju, the creation of the world, Sekhmet’s journeys. Or come for the music, dance and fire performances. The night will be hosted by Gypsy Birch of storytelling fame.

10 p.m. – 1 p.m.: Community Fire
This will be the time for Feast attendees to meet and greet. It will be a layed back time of music, talking and preparing for the next day.

SATURDAY JUNE 14th, 2014

Noon: Ra Ritual
O Great Falcon, Ra! We honour and placate you, father of the Neterju, creator of the black land. It is through Ra that we were formed and that we continue to have life. We will give offering during the heat of the noonday sun as Ra rides his sun chariot across the sky.

2 p.m.: Kemetic Cosmology Workshop
The Neterju, the Gods of Ancient Egypt, have a long and sometimes confusing history. Come hear Jade teach about the families of the Neterju and hear the story of the creation of the Universe.

4 p.m.: Body Painting
We will be learning about the importance of makeup and ornamentation in Ancient Egypt, but what is more fun than getting hands-on! We will be doing body painting, make-up and ornamentation in Kemetic style. Feel free to bring your own make-up also, professional body-painting will be available for those who want a little extra.

6 p.m.: Feast
Join together and celebrate Sekhmet with a great meal. We will begin feasting in the early evening and continue on as the darkness of night falls upon us. The feast will include the lighting of the fire, and will lead into the Sekhmet ritual. Please bring food to share as well as your own plates and utensils (please no plastic or paper).

Evening: Sekhmet Ritual
Em Hotep Sekhmet! Keeper of the Light! It is to you we give offering through libations, dance and, song. We see your righteous wrath and offer to you. Together we will give libations to Sekhmet, ritually imbibe and dance around the fire, that gives us light. This will be an ecstatic ritual that will continue the rest of the night. After the main ceremony where offerings are given however, the rest of the ceremony will be 18+.

SUNDAY JUNE 15th, 2014

1 p.m.: Closing Ceremony
The tribes will depart for another year after libating and satiating Sekhmet and her father Ra. Once more we will cleanse ourselves before a return to the mundane. Em Hotep Ra! Em Hotep Sekhmet! May we survive another year of your bloody wrath.

2 p.m.: Visir’s Council
The Visir’s Council was where the people gathered to be heard. We will talk about how this year’s Feast went, ways to improve it as well as, discuss the secondary deity and theme for next year.

Ancient Egypt Food

Preparation for the Feast

Please refer to the general camping checklist on the Raven’s Knoll Website for a list of the basic camping supplies you may wish to bring.

In addition to your camping gear, there are some keys things that we are hoping for all attendees to bring to the Feast of Sekhmet.

Keep in mind that this is not a re-constructionist event, and as such we understand that there will likely be a variety of interpretations that take place for these things.

Potluck Food (~Egyptian) and non-disposable Tableware. Blankets/pillows to sit on.

Apparel (black makeup, white linen sheets). Jewelry vendor will be on site.

Alcohol (the event will not be providing this).


Offerings will be made to Sekhmet as part of the Main Ritual. There will also be an altar set up for the duration of the event, as well as a place at the feast table. Feel free to bring offerings for whichever of these locations you feel is most appropriate for you.

If you do not have a particular offering to bring, suggestions for Sekhmet include: red alcohol, pomegranates, red fruits.

There will also be a daytime Ra ritual if you wish to bring an offering.


As this event involves a feast, we are keeping costs down by having it as a potluck feast. We are asking for attendees to bring food items that are of an Egyptian heritage. We do understand that truly “authentic” Egyptian cuisine can be hard to recreate with current, local options, but please try the best you can. If you are unable to find recipes, please let one of the organizers know and we can connect you with one.

Please strive to make all food items as Finger-Food friendly as possible. If you have an amazing dish that you like and really want to bring, that is just fine, but please avoid items that require a bowl. This is mostly for the ease of continually feasting over the course of the night.

The feast will be held in a area that does not have electrical access, so please plan accordingly for serving vessels (no Crock Pots).

Bring non-plastic, non-paper, and non-glass cups and cutlery. We are aiming for a feast that uses only re-usable metallic or wooden items (and there is no glass allowed around the firepit, where the feast will be held). Value Village is an excellent resource for items on a super-low budget.

We will be sitting on the ground in the feasting area, so remember to bring blankets to sit on (if you cannot sit on the ground, that is okay).


Prior to the main feast, we will be having a workshop on basic Egyptian makeup and clothing, at which you will be able to get advice on how to dress for the feast. We are hoping to create a particular atmosphere, and having everybody dressed appropriately is a good step towards that.

White Linen (or off-white) is the recommended fabric for outfits/tunics (old bedsheets work well). Bring them to the workshop for help assembling the fabric properly.

While we encourage you to bring your own makeup and outfits, we will provide options if you need them. Basic makeup is free, but clothing, bodypaint, and extravagant makeup will have a slight fee*. We do ask that, if possible, you bring your own makeup if possible for hygiene purposes, but we can help you with application.


If you are not sure what patterns are appropriate, bring your stuff and our staff members will be happy to help you out with ideas.

Keep in mind that there will also be a vendor on-site selling Egyptian and Pagan Jewelry. This can be a great resource for accentuating your outfits at a great price.


Part of honouring Sekhmet at this event is achieved through the imbibing of alcohol. Keep in mind that this is in no way a required component, and that the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19.

The event will not be providing or selling alcohol. It is your own responsibility.

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