At the Raven’s Knoll
Austin Lawrence, May 2016

This poem was written and preformed by Kayla Anna Akalu at the Well and Tree Gathering Bardic Fire, 2016.

An amazing place I found,
Called the Raven’s Knoll.

I came alone one day
And found a piece of my soul.

Past those black birds standing guard
And down the Yellow Brick Road,
Pay respects to the Wee Folk
In their humble little abode.

Then a nod to the ancient ones
That keep the Standing Stone.

The power of this place
Flows deep into my bones.

On the Shrine Trail I walked
Passed the Drumming Pit.

Stop for a break at the Elvii Shrine,
And take a little hit.

Watch your step for tricksters,
Check under the bridge for trolls.

When you at the Vé you get to see
The majestic, carved God-poles.

This land is beautiful and sacred.

Magickal to be sure,
But it’s the people and connections
That make my heart truly stir.

So Hail to this land!

And Hail this fire’s smoke!

Hail to the Gods and Fae!

But mostly, Hail the folk!

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