A Personal Story by Drew
Austin Lawrence, March 2014

The Raven’s Knoll Quork welcomes people’ s personal stories regarding gatherings they have attended or what Raven’s Knoll means to them. This guest post is by Drew Thomson.

Seven years ago I needed to walk away from one of the best opportunities for happiness that has lucked to come across my path, which to this day has not been equaled or bettered. The experience opened my once naive eyes to a whole new world, and put me on the rather bumpy path that I have experienced since then.

At that time, I had been promised a home and was looking onto a horizon were I would never worry about anything again. That never happened. And, I was shattered for many years. Until, five years ago, after years of fighting illness, I took a very short trip to a place near Eganville. Just a few years before I was on a common route, full of promise and hope with a beautiful soul with whom I would have been quite happy to share my life. Instead just twenty minutes away from a promise of being Home and never having to worry about things again, I did find a home … and a community that has helped me come a long way; a long way, in healing, in learning how to heal. I just did not know at the time it was my healing. I do now.

I found other souls, to share my life with … that of the sacred grounds, the fest, the colourful and endearing people that form the community known as Raven’s Knoll. I have learned to live and laugh again. Then, even further, this magical place gave me a chance to be a part of volunteers in the biggest Fest of the year, called the Kaleidoscope Gathering. Volunteering is a chance for me to give back, to become part of the very thing that gave me my life back. I hope that my hard work and easy nature will in turn give a chance to others to make their own personal journey; through the experiences of the place called Raven’s Knoll, to find their own Home.

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