Raven's Knoll Campground

Open to the public and hosting events.

Regular Camping

Our camping season runs from May to September.

Fees are based on a per-night basis Total shown includes 13% HST
Adults 16+                                        $15.00
Children 7 to 15                              $6.00
Spronglings 0-6                               FREE
Families ** –                                     $40.00
Hydro, per night–                           $14.00
Entrance + Trailer Rental 16+    $22.00
Entrance + Cabin Rental 16+      $30.00

** Families include 2 adults (16+) and 2 children (7-15). Children under 6 are free. Any additional children will pay the cost of individual children.


We host many events at Raven's Knoll. Please see the events list in the menu above. But, even during most events we have lots of room to hold multiple small events, and regular campers. So no matter how full it looks on the calendar, please feel free to reach out and see how we can help you with your camping trip or group event.

For group events we have additional rental items available, like large tents to cover in case of rain or too much sun, golf carts, fire pits, food services ( through our Food truck ), sound equipment, and more. Please ask us for details.

Raven’s Knoll is a unique campground and event centre located near Eganville, Ontario. This beautiful, natural 100 acre property is located on the Bonnechere River, near Golden Lake. It is the home of events large and small, from events like the Kaleidoscope Gathering to family weddings. Not only is Raven’s Knoll a great laid back place to camp or have your event, but there are many interesting things to do and see in the area.

Raven’s Knoll was established as a home base for the Kaleidoscope Gathering. All profits from both the Kaleidoscope Gathering and Raven’s Knoll are invested directly back into improving Raven’s Knoll and running the property. Both Raven’s Knoll and the Kaleidoscope Gathering could not exist without the hard work and dedication of volunteers.

Facilities: Raven’s Knoll is situated on the Bonnechere Riverfront, with beach swimming and access to both Wilber and Golden Lake. The campground is level and well-drained, with whispering white pines providing shade. A number of buildings provide amenities, such as a comfort station with flush toilets, showers, the Raven Stage, a fry truck ( The YAG – Ye Aulde Grubbe ), as well as a group events building. Pathways run through the properties large forested areas, and communal areas like fire pits have been established. We are still developing and adding to the property.

Directions: The property is just a few minutes outside of Eganville, Ontario, on highway 60 heading towards Algonquin Park. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to Raven’s Knoll from Ottawa, about 4.0 hours from Toronto, and 3.5 hours from Montreal.


Reservations: Our camping season runs from May to September. During this period the campground will be closed to the public for a few particular scheduled events, but for the most part is freely open to camping. So please contact us early to preregister your group camping holiday, event, or family vacation. You will find our rates extremely reasonable.

Meet the Staff

Raven's Knoll relies on our team of dedicated volunteers.
Maryanne "MA" Pearce

Maryanne "MA" Pearce


Maryanne, also known as “MA,” is one of the Stewards of Raven’s Knoll. Maryanne has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, and a background in Women’s Studies. In 2013 she finished a doctorate in law, with a focus on missing and murdered women in Canada. She is writing two books based on An Akward Silence. She has a full time career, as well as running Raven’s Knoll and the Kaleidoscope Gathering with her husband, Austin Lawrence. Maryanne is of Mohawk and Celtic ancestry, whose spirituality is grounded in the Mother Earth. Maryanne is involved with Great Pyrenees rescue, does the taxes for all of the women’s shelters in Ottawa, and is on the board of Minwaashin Lodge.

Austin "Auz" Lawrence

Austin "Auz" Lawrence


Austin, sometimes known as “Auz,” is one of the Stewards of Raven’s Knoll. Auz has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, which has lead to a full time career that he does alongside the “hobby” of running Raven’s Knoll and the Kaleidoscope Gathering with his wife, Maryanne Pearce. Austin is a Heathen who is an oathed goði associated with the American Vinland Association, since 2008. Auz is interested in Medieval Martial Arts and all things Old Norse. Auz is also a former Stag King of the Kaleidoscope Gathering.

Brendan “the Handy” Roche

Brendan “the Handy” Roche

Land Manager

Brendan Roche is also called “Brendan the Handy” because he is often around other people named Brendan, but more importantly because he is a Mr. Fix-It. He is the Groundskeeper of Raven’s Knoll, living at the property and keeping everything in order and running. He makes sure everyone in the surrounding area is connected to cyberspace by risking his life climbing tall towers for Bonnechere Community Internet. For years, he has been a dedicated maintenance volunteer behind the scenes at many Pagan events, in particular the Kaleidoscope Gathering.




From the Spring 2010 opening of Raven’s Knoll Myst has welcomed the opportunity to help make Raven's Knoll barrier-free; that no matter the mobility, all should be able to enjoy the warmth, energy, and freedom of this amazing place and the people in attendance. This has led to her considering The Knoll a second home!

Myst follows an eclectic Pagan path, though a Witch at heart, she welcomes the opportunity to learn about all Pagan paths, as well as honoring her Native Ancestors and Guides. She has trained with, and is a member of, Feathers Academy of Clairvoyants and Holistic Therapies, Norwich, UK. As a Clairvoyant/Psychic Medium, she has helped with Spirit Rescue and with things that "go bump in the night"! Myst has also enjoyed sharing the techniques for Grounding & Protecting, working with our Chakras, using pendulums, and connecting with Spirit and Spirit Guides. Myst has been instrumental in the development and promotion of "after-care" for esoteric rituals; demonstrating a genuine commitment to the spiritual well-being of those attending events at Raven's Knoll.

Every Awesome Volunteer

Every Awesome Volunteer

Getting things done

We thank all those who come out and volunteer time to garden, maintain paths, move fallen brush, rake pine needles, prepare buildings, clean, help in the YAG, and all the many other things that people accomplish every season to keep our campsite going. Thank you so very much for your service to our community.

Around Raven's Knoll

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Raven’s Knoll is a unique campground and event centre located near Eganville, Ontario. This beautiful, natural 100 acre property is located on the Bonnechere River, near Golden Lake. It is the home of events large and small, from events like the Kaleidoscope Gathering to family weddings.
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